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Document Indexing

Once a document is created it is ready for review. It is at this stage that the document is made available on the BluePrint DLM. All documents are organised in a custom made index, specific to each document type. This ensures that all document are retrievable utilising a keyword searh engine.

Documents in the the DLM archive are controlled by revision. This means that the original source document always remains in the archive and that the updated document thus becomes current. The current document can be "checked out" by users with the required permission, ensuring that revisions are only made by a single user at a time. Documents are made available for publication after the process of peer review has taken place. Publication ready documents are available for either end users or Print rooms


User based document access

Each document is only available to the specific users that have permission to view or control the specific document. This means that documents can remain private for Course Note administrators and Lecturers until the document creation and review process is complete. Once final approval for publication of the document is given the document is published as public and it is available to the students or printroom

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Existing paper documents can be scanned in an industry standard PDF format. The scanned document is uploaded to a "scan" folder for indexing .

Any scanner capable of producing industry standard PDF's may be used .

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Digital Documents

Documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and various other desktop publishing applications are also uploaded to the "digital" folder

Utilising Adobe Acrobat these digital documents and the scanned paper documents can be combined into "final" publication ready documents. During the process of designing and creating a document revision control of the source documents is managed by BluePrint DLM